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This Day in Comedy History

March 1 - March 7

March 1

March 1

1975 - Chico and the Man’s Jack Albertson and Freddie Prinze  on the cover of TV Guide.

1 Chico.jpg

1978 - Two men steal the corpse of film legend Charlie Chaplin from a cemetery in the village of Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland. After five weeks of investigation police arrested two auto mechanics who had been demanding $600,000 in ransom. The body was retrieved and re-buried, this time in a concrete reinforced grave.

1 chaplin.png

1984 - A child star from the Chaplin classic The Kid and Uncle Fester on The Addams Family, Jackie Coogan passes away at age 69.

1 cogan.jpg

1995 - Paul Reiser hosts the 37th Annual Grammy Awards at Shrine Auditorium in L.A. Best Spoken Comedy Album goes to Sam Kinison for Live From Hell.

1 sam.jpg

1996 - A film that doesn’t live up to its cast (Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Holly, Rob Schneider, William H. Macy, Harry Dean Stanton, Bruce Dern, Rip Torn, Harland Williams, Patton Oswalt), Down Periscope opens in wise release.

1 down.jpg

1997 - A double-wide TV Guide cover hosts the 3rd Rock From The Sun crew.

1 3rd.jpg

1999 - Playing Paul’s Uncle on Mad About You, Mel Brooks makes the last of his four appearances in the episode Uncle Phil Goes Back To High School.

1 mad.jpg

2008 - George Carlin's final HBO stand-up special, It's Bad for Ya, aired live from the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, California. Topics included rights, death, old age, and child rearing and “American bullshit”, repeating the theme to his audience several times throughout the show: "It's all bullshit, and it's bad for ya.”

1 carlin.jpg

2010 - After NBC forced Conan O’Brien into resigning, Jay Leno takes back the keys to The Tonight Show.

1 tonight.jpg

2010 - Following two weeks of promos during the Olympics, CTV debuts two sitcoms by producers of Corner Gas, Dan For Mayor and Hiccups.

1 better dan.jpg
1 hiccups.jpg

2013 - One Day At A Time star Bonnie Franklin passes away at the age of 69.

1 bonnie.jpg

2014 - Take a film divided up into 14 sections, each with its own director, and a cast that included Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, Liev Schreiber, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Sudeikis and more, and you end up with one of the worst films ever made. Ever. The comedy Movie 43 wins Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and Worst Director (but only for 10 of them) at the 34th Razzie Awards.

1 43.jpg

2014 - On Saturday Night Live, long-time resident of the writer’s room, Colin Jost joins Cicely Strong behind the desk for his first Weekend Update.

1 colin.jpg

2018 - A comedy/drama about a small-time boxer looking for redemption, Little Dog debuts on CBC.

1 dog.jpg
1 beruit.jpg

2019 - The eleventh and final film in the Madea series, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral is released.

1 madea.jpg

Born On This Day

1905 - Stan’s Mum on both the TV and film versions of On The Buses, and also known for the “Confessions of a……” film series and Nuns On The Run, Doris Hare is born in Bargoed, Glamorgan, Wales. 


1910 - Suave and debonair through My Man Godfrey, Please Don’t Eat The Daisies, Murder By Death, Casino Royale, and three of The Pink Panther films, David Niven is born in Belgravia, London, England.


1926 - Best known for the role of Corporal Louis LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes, French actor, singer, author Robert Clary is born in Paris.


1947 - Alan Thicke born in Kirkland Lake, ON.


1954 - Opie Taylor, Richie Cunningham, Oscar and Emmy winning director and producer, Ron Howard is born in Duncan, Oklahoma.


1954 - The actress who made women’s jean shorts into a whole new thing while playing Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard, Catherine Bach is born in Cleveland, Ohio


1956 - Known from the series Wings and the film Diner, Timothy Daly is born in New York City.

March 2

March 2

1935 - The first of 153 appearances in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoon, Porky Pig debuts in the short I Haven’t Got A Hat.

2 porky.jpg

1943 - The Human Comedy, in which Mickey Rooney plays a teenaged telegram delivery boy on the home front during WWII, is released. The dramedy, which some sources name as MGM head Louis B. Mayer’s own favorite film, would be nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Actor for Rooney, Best Cinematography (Black & White), and win the Best Story Oscar for William Saroyan, even though he’d left the project after the studio insisted that his original, 240-page, 4-hour version be cut down to two hours or less.

1967 - The Best Comedy Performance award at the 9th Annual Grammys goes to Bill Cosby for Wonderfulness.

2 cosby.jpg

1974 - The M*A*SH episode A Smattering of Intelligence introduces Edward Winter as a CID man Colonel Flagg (in this showing, undercover as Captain Halloran). A favourite guest star of the show, it would be the first of his seven times on the show.

2 flagg.jpg

1974 - At the Hollywood Palladium, comedy team Cheech & Chong’s album Los Cochinos wins the award for Best Comedy Recording at the Grammys.

2 cheech.jpg

1977 - One of the handful of shows McLean Stevenson left M*A*S*H to eventually do, NBC airs Money Troubles, the final episode of The McLean Stevenson Show.

2 maclean.jpg

1977 - Stand-up Jay Leno makes his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, a show he would inherit 15 years later.

2 leno.jpg

1981 - Howard Stern began his third morning job at WWDC, a rock station in Washington, D.C.

2 stern.jpg

1982 - The Barry Levinson directed, Mickey Rourke, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Bacon, Ellen Barkin, Daniel Stern, Timothy Daly, Paul Reiser starring slice of late 50’s life in Baltimore film Diner debuts.

2 diner.jpg

1983 - On ITV, Morecambe & Wise share stories and clips from their music hall days in the one hour special Eric & Ernie's Variety Days.

1984 - The classic heavy metal mockumentary starring Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer, This Is Spinal Tap opens in theatres.

2 m&w.jpg
2 spinal.jpg

1988 - At the 30th Annual Grammy Awards, hosted by Billy Crystal at the Radio City Music Hall, Best Comedy Recording goes to Robin Williams for A Night at the Met.

1991 - Jaleel White, Erkel from the series Family Matters is featured on the cover of TV Guide.

1995 - The first of its 25 dates, Weird Al Yankovic kicks off his first Canadian tour at The Royal Theatre in Victoria (replete with fake-date t-shirts).

2 robin.jpg
2 jaleel.jpg
2 al.jpg

2002 - At the first U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen post 9-11,  a Free Speech tribute and awards pays tribute to, and features appearances by, the likes of George Carlin, Dick Gregory, The Smothers Brothers, David Steinberg, Garry Trudeau, Don Cheadle and Bill Maher.

2 aspen.jpg

2008 - A mid-season replacement that features Rashida Jones, Craig Bierko and Shaun Majumder in its cast, and with the Farrelly Brothers executive producing and directing, Unhitched has its debut on Fox delayed by a half hour when a NASCAR race runs long. Maybe it was an omen, as the show would be cancelled after just 6 episodes.

2 unhitched.jpg

2009 - The talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has its debut on NBC.

2 fallon.jpg

2018 - A busy day for South American comics as Argentina’s Malena Pichot, Brazilian Edmilson Filho, and Chile’s Natalia Valdebenito each have specials released on Netflix.

2 sa.jpg

2020 - The Martin Freeman, Chris Addison, Simon Blackwell series Breeders debuts on FX.

2 breeders.jpg

Born On This Day

1917 - Comic actor, bandleader, and television revolutionary as half of DesiLu Productions, Desi Arnas is born in Santiago, Cuba. 


1919 - Actor, monologist, singer and tv personality best known for the recording The Old Philosopher, Eddie Lawrence is born in Brooklyn.


1935 - Best known for portraying the iconic character Larry King on the sitcom The King of Kensington, actor Al Waxman is born in Toronto.


1950 - Nancy Bancroft on It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Nancy Henderson on Harry and the Hendersons, and Jim’s mother In the American Pie film series, Molly Cheek is born in Bronxville, New York.


1952 - An original member of Saturday Night Live’s Not Ready For Primetime Players, Laraine Newman is born in Los Angeles.


1970 - One half of the British stand-up double act Armstrong and Miller (along with Ben Miller), Alexander Armstrong is born in Rothbury, Northumberland, England. 


1980 - Australian comic and actress from the Pitch Perfect film franchise, as well as Bridesmaids, Jojo Rabbit, and How To Be Single, Rebel Wilson is born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds in Sydney.


1984 - Best known as co-creator and star of the series Workaholics, comic and actor Blake Anderson born in Sacramento Country, California.

March 3

March 3
3 costello.jpg

1973 - George Carlin performs the second of two nights at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, California. The shows were recorded and would be released as the album Occupation Foole.

3 foole.jpg

1975 - The first ever People’s Choice Awards take place in Los Angeles. Winners include The Sting as Favorite Motion Picture, All In The Family for Television Comedy, Mary Tyler Moore and Alan Alda for TV Actress and Actor, The Carol Burnett Show for TV Variety, and Burnett winning again for Favorite All-Around Female Performer, with the All-Around Male Performer going to Bob Hope.

3 peoples.jpg

1980 - Riding high from his Being There success, Peter Sellers makes the cover of Time Magazine

3 sellers.jpg

1987 - Comic, actor, singer, dancer, and philanthropist Danny Kaye passes away at the age of 76.

3 kaye.jpg

2006 - The final episode of  Twins (starring Sara Gilbert and Molly Stanton) airs on the WB.

3 twins.jpg

2006 - It’s Rudy and Kip, the final episode of the Colin Mochrie/Debra McGrath set-in-the-60’s series Getting Along Famously airs on the CBC.

3 famously.jpg

2012 - Bill Burr performs at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. The show was taped and later released as Bill Burr: You People Are All The Same, the first ever Netflix stand-up special.

3 burr.jpg

2013 - A melding of film’s Genie Awards and television’s Gemini Awards, the first Canadian Screen Awards air on the CBC. Martin Short hosts and comedy winners include Less Than Kind, The Rick Mercer Report, Gerry Dee (for Mr. D), Wendel Meldrum for Less Than Kind and, Stuart Margolin and Joanna Cassidy for Call Me Fitz.

3 cdn screen.jpg

2018 - At the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards, The Emoji Movie, already the first animated film to be nominated for Worst Picture, Director, Screenplay and Couple, won all of those awards, while Baywatch won a new Razzie category sponsored by movie review site rottentomatoes: The Razzie Nominee So Rotten You Loved It.

3 emohji.jpg

2018 - A member of the San Francisco improvisational troupe The Committee who would go on to greater fame as Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III on the series M*A*S*H, David Ogden Stiers passes away aged 75.

3 steirs.jpg

2020 - Taylor Tomlinson’s special Quarter-Life Crisis is released on Netflix.

3 taylor 2.jpg

Born On This Day

1902 - Known for her work on both the radio and television versions of The Amos n’ Andy Show and The Beulah Show, as well as the series Father Knows Best, Ruby Dandridge is born in Wichita, Kansas.


1911 - Before this Blonde Bombshell became  Hollywood’s top sex symbol, her career was built on her comedic talent in films like Libeled Lady, Personal Property, Platinum Blonde, Bombshell, and the last film before her tragic early death, Saratoga. Film queen Jean Harlow is born in Kansas City, Missouri.


1920 - Prior to his career making role as Scotty on Star Trek, he played Timber Tom on the Canadian version of Howdy Doody and appeared on numerous sitcoms. In later years he made frequent appearances either as himself, or as Scotty, on series like The Ben Stiller Show, The Daily Show, Conan O’Brien, and in the film Loaded Weapon 1. That’s not even counting the thousands of stand-up who had a Scotty from Star Trek bit or impression. James Doohan born on this day in Vancouver, British Columbia.


1923 - Despite earlier roles in The Honeymooners, The Producers and The Odd Couple, he is destined to be best remembered as Jerry’s father Morty on Seinfeld. Comic and actor Barney Martin is born in Queens, New York.


1950 - Saturday Night Live writer and cast member also known for The Police Academy film series, Tim Kazurinsky is born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


1961 - Scandinavian comic, author and TV personality Knut Naerum is born in Halden Norway.


1970 - Most recognizable for playing Claire Dunphy on the series Modern Family, Julie Bowen is born in Baltimore, Maryland.


1974 - Best known for his portrayal of Bud Bundy in the long-running FOX TV series Married…..With Children, David Faustino is born in Los Angeles.


1979 - British comic, television presenter and DJ Alex Zane is born Faris Alexander L. Albayaty in Leeds, England.

March 4

March 4

1922 - He was described by the New York Dramatic Mirror as “one of the great comedians of the world”, and purported to be the first black actor to ever have the lead in a film. Star of Ziegfeld's Follies,  vaudevillian, actor, and recording artist Bert Williams dies at the age of 47.

4 bert.jpg

1960 - A day after shooting what would end up being the last ever Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Lucille Ball files for divorce from husband, and partner in Desilu Productions, Desi Arnaz.

4 desilu.jpg

1968 - Erudite and thoughtfully hilarious, Dick Cavett’s first talk show, the morning show named This Morning airs on ABC. Over the next year plus he would work his way later and later in the schedule.

4 cavett.jpg

1979 - A 90-minute series retrospective, The 200th Episode Celebration of All In The Family airs on CBS.

4 200.jpg

1979 - Just 5 months after cancelling her comedy/variety series Mary after three episodes, CBS gives Mary Tyler Moore another series. This show, a sitcom/variety show with co-stars Dody Goodman, Michael Keaton and Joyce Van Patten, The Mary Tyler Moore Hour debuts and lasts 11 episodes.

4 mtm.jpg

1982 - The world is introduced to Sergeant Frank Drebin (Leslie Neilsen), killing off guest stars in the opening credits, and mis-labeled titles,  as the series Police Squad! makes its debut.

4 squad.jpg
4 moving.jpg

1988 - The Richard Pryor film Moving is released.

4 candy.jpg

1994 - John Candy dies in Durango, Mexico while shooting Wagons East.

1995 - At the 9th Gemini Awards, the cast of SCTV are presented with the Earle Grey Award while This Hour Has 22 Minutes wins for Comedy Series, Writing, and Performance.

4 22 2.jpg

1996 - A star at the Grand 'Ole Opry for more than 50 years, and for others on TV’s Hee Haw, the premiere purveyor of county comedy Minnie Pearl passes away at the age of 83.

4 minnie.jpg

1997 - Set in the office of a fashion magazine, the series Just Shoot Me! debuts on NBC. The show starred Laura San Giacomo, George Segal, Enrico Colantoni, David Spade, and Wendy Mallick.

4 shoot me.jpg

2005 - Helping to prove a sequel is almost never as good as the original, Be Cool, the sequel to the mobster-turns-movie-executive film Get Shorty, opens in theatres.

4 cool.jpg

2007 - The reality series Dice: Undisputed debuts on VH 1. The short lived show follows 80’s stand-up star Andrew “Dice” Clay as he tries to rebuild his career.

4 dice.jpg

2007 - A prestigious event that featured the biggest names in comedy, tributes to the likes of Monty Python, Saturday Night Live,  and SCTV, film screenings, live taping of shows like Politically Incorrect and HBO’s Young Comedians, after 13 years what turns out to be the last ever U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen wraps up with shows at The Wheeler Opera House and other city venues. It moves to Las Vegas where it lasts one year.

4 aspen.jpg

2010 - The double episode of The Office “The Delivery” sees the birth of Pam and Jim’s baby daughter Cecilia.

4 delivery.jpg

2021 - Having seen the United States survive the hysteria of its February 21st release, Canada’s W Network begins airing the reboot of Punky Brewster.

4 punky.jpg

Born On This Day

1934 - She portrayed Mrs. Sellner in Mrs. Doubtfire and Greta in Liar, Liar, and guested on countless sitcoms, Anne Haney is born in  Memphis, Tennessee. 


1954 - Superb in SCTV, Schitt’s Creek, Home Alone, Beetlejuice, Best In Show among others, actress Catherine O’Hara born in Toronto.


1958 - Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond (where she won two Emmys) and Frankie Heck on The Middle, actress Patricia Heaton is born in Bay Village, Ohio.


1961 - He took over the Matthew Broderick role in the Broadway production of The Producers, was featured in Ballers, Mom, and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, but will always be best known for starring as Brian Hackett on the sitcom Wings, actor Steven Weber is born in New York City.


1967 - British actor, TV presenter, one-liner comedian known for the series Not Going Out, Tim Vine is born in Cheam, London, England.

March 5

March 5

1936 - The 8th Academy Awards were the first time the gold statuette was called “Oscar”. Robert Benchley’s humorous film How To Sleep would win for Best Live Action Short, making it the first ever comedy to win an Oscar.

5 sleep.jpg

1977 - George Carlin records the first of his 14 HBO Specials at the University of Southern California.

5 carlin.jpg

1982 - Saturday Night Live and Animal House star John Belushi dies at the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip.

5 belushi.jpg

1983 - Ace Crawford, Private Eye premiered. The spoof starred Tim Conway as a detective for hire who somehow always solved his cases despite being a bumbling buffoon. Suffering a similar fate to his previous starring turns on TV, Conway’s series lasted only five weeks. He often joked about the fact his shows all got canceled, even taking out the personalized license plate “13 WKS”.

5 ace.jpg

1986 - Fast Times At Ridgemont High moves to the small screen, but without any of its young stars, the short-lived sitcom Fast Times debuts on CBS.

5 fast.jpg

1987 - John Cleese guest stars on the Cheers episode Simon Says. The ex-Python portrays Dr. Simon Finch-Royce, an old school colleague of Frasier’s. The appearance would win Cleese an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Comedy Series.

5 cheers.jpg

1993 - The Robin Williams vehicle Toys hits theatres in the UK.

5 robin.jpg

2003 - Don McKellar’s animated sitcom Odd Job Jack debuts on The Comedy Network.

5 odd.jpg

2011 - Let’s Dance for Comic Relief airs, featuring a reunion of comedy team The Dangerous Brothers, their first such performance in 8 years, as Rik Mayall came on stage and attacked Ade Edmondson with a frying pan during his performance of The Dying Swan ballet, leaving Edmondson with a bump on his head. It would be the last time the duo performed together in public, as Mayall passed away in 2014.

5 swan.jpg

2021 - A film 33 years in the waiting, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, and Shari Headley all return for the Coming To America sequel Coming 2 America, released today.

5 coming tall.jpg

Born On This Day

1922 - Actor from Airplane II: The Sequel and Being There, but best known as Governor Eugene X. Gatling on the series Benson, James Noble is born in Dallas, Texas.


1932 - An early cast member of Chicago’s Second City known for Gimme A Break and his own series Friends And Lovers, Paul Sand is born in Santa Monica, California. 


1954 - A stand-up who slays and Roz on Night Court, Marsha Warfield born in Chicago.


1955 - The chatty half of Penn and Teller, Penn Jillette is born in Greenfield, Massachusetts. 


1966 - Long time correspondent for The Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi is born in Mumbai, India. 


1974 - Best known for his work on Rock Profile, Come Fly With Me, and especially Little Britain, Matt Lucas is born in Paddington, London, England.


1974 - Actress and model from Hitch, Stuck On You, A Night At The Roxbury, The Women, and The Other Guys, Eva Mendes is born in Miami, Florida. 


1974 - Ryan Molloy on the WB sitcom Unhappily Ever After and Eric Murphy on HBO’s Entourage, actor/director Kevin Connolly is born in New York.


1979 - Both a member of the folk/comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates, and a creator and star of the Garfunkel and Oates TV Show, Riki Lindhome is born in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.

March 6

March 6

1979 - The season four episode of Laverne and Shirley, Feminine Mistake features an unknown guest star, as Jay Leno plays Laverne’s new boyfriend.

6 Laverne.jpg

1982 - Tony Randall, along with the co-stars from his new series Love, Sidney Swoosie Kurtz, and Kaleena Kiff, are featured on the cover of TV Guide.

6 tony.jpg

1984 - The story of a struggling hispanic stand-up comic named Paul, stand-up comic Paul Rodriguez stars in the latest series from producer Norman Lear. a.k.a. Pablo debuts on ABC.

6 aka.jpg

1992 - The final episode of  The Cosby Show was taped in New York City.

6 cosby.jpg

1995 - At the 9th annual American Comedy Awards Margaret Smith and George Wallace won for Best Female and Male Stand-Up, folks like Tom Hanks, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Letterman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kelsey Grammer, Helen Hunt, Martin Landau and Diane Wiest won for films and TV shows, Lifetime Achievement honors went to Bob Hope and Audrey Meadows, and the award for Creative Achievement was presented to Rodney Dangerfield.

6 rodney.jpg

1996 - Louie’s Little Trip, the final episode of Louie Anderson’s short lived sitcom The Louie Show (with co-stars Bryan Cranston, Paul Feig, and Laura Innes) airs on CBS.

6 loyuiie.jpg

1998 - Initially met with mixed reactions before evolving into the large-scale cult classic that it became, Joel and Ethan Cohen’s The Big Lebowski opens wide on North American screens.

6 big.jpg

2005 - The computer animated science fiction adventure comedy Robots, featuring the voices of Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks, Greg Kinnear, Amanda Bynes, and Drew Carey, has its premiere at Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

6 robots.jpg

2011 - After Lately, a mockumentary-styled behind the scenes look at Chelsea Handler’s talk show Chelsea Lately, debuts on E!

6 chelsea.jpg

2014 - Dave Foley stars as the head of a PR firm on Spun Out, the CTV series that had its debut on this date.

6 spun.jpg

2014 - Based on the British series of the same name, Denis Leary’s show about a Chicago ambulance company, Sirens debuts on the USA Network.

6 sirens.jpg

2015 - Aziz Ansari’s special Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden is released on Netflix.

6 aziz.jpg

2015 - The story of a young woman who, after being kidnapped and forced to live in an underground bunker for 15 years, decides to start a new life in New York City, the Ellie Kemper series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuts on Netflix.

6 kimmy.jpg

2018 - French-Moroccan-Canadian comic Gad Elmaleh’s special American Dream is released on Netflix.

6 gad.jpg

Born On This Day

1906 - “Who’s on first?” I don’t know - but I do know who’s birthday it is! Lou Costello, half of the legendary comedy team Abbott & Costello, was born on this day in 1906.


1917 – British  comedian whose career spanned six decades, Frankie Howerd is born in York, England. 


1923 – Ed McMahon, beloved comedian and longtime sidekick to Johnny Carson, was born on this day in 1923.


1947 - A writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Emmy-winning actor for All In The Family, and writer and/or director of This Is Spinal Tap, When Harry Met Sally, Stand By Me, and The Princess Bride, Rob Reiner is born in The Bronx, New York. 


1959 - Known for Roseanne, True Lies, and his own series The Jackie Thomas Show (but especially for Roseanne), Tom Arnold is born in Ottumwa, Iowa.


1963 - Known from the Original Kings of Comedy as well as his sitcom The Hughleys, stand-up and actor Darryl Lynn “D.L.” Hughley is born in Portsmouth, Virginia. 


1966 – Alan Davies, English comedian and QI panel mainstay, was born on this day in 1966.

March 7

March 7
7 horne.jpg

1970 - The cast of the country music comedy series Hee Haw arrive on the cover of TV Guide.

7 hee.jpg

1975 - The final episode of The Odd Couple, starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, airs on ABC.

7 odd.jpg

1981 - After helming Weekend Update for the entire 1980-1981 season, the final installment anchored by Charles Rocket aired on SNL. This is the one and only time the segment’s name and set were changed to Saturday Night Newsline. Before the next episode (the season finale), Rocket and most of the rest of the cast were fired.

7 rocket.jpg

1981 - The cast of The Dukes of Hazzard arrive on the cover of TV Guide.

7 dukes.jpg

1988 - Best known for appearing in John Waters films including Pink Flamingos, Polyester, and Hairspray, drag icon Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) passes away in his sleep at age 42.

7 divine.jpg

1996 - Making her first impression a memorable one, Friends star Jennifer Aniston appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

7 jen.jpg

2003 - The Steve Martin, Queen Latifa film Bringing Down The House, which would go on to huge box office success, opens in theatres.

7 house.jpg

2005 - Big Butts, the premiere episode of Kirstie Alley’s series Fat Actress, airs on Showtime.

7 fat.jpg

2011 - Following months of bad behavior and crazed media appearances (that introduced the hashtags #winning and #tigerblood) Warner Bros. release an 11-page letter announcing the termination of Charlie Sheen's contract for the show Two and a Half Men.

7 charlie.jpg

2017 - From a show recorded at the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special is released on Netflix.

7 amy.jpg

2018 - On the second of its four nights Canadian Screen Awards, awards are presented to Baroness Von Sketch for Best Sketch Comedy Program or series, and again for Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy. Comedy Writing goes to Jacob Tierney and Jared Keeso for Letterkenny, and the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards for Comedy went to Andrew Phung for Kim’s Convenience and Emily Hampshire for Schitt’s Creek.

7 baroness.jpg
7 andrew.jpg

Born On This Day

1946 - Actor known for Big, My Fellow Americans, White Chicks, and the Home Alone films, John Heard is born in Washington, DC.


1956 - Before (and again after) he went off to sell crystal meth, he was known for his roles on Malcolm In The Middle, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Family Guy, The Louie Show, and Little Miss Sunshine, Bryan Cranston is born in Hollywood, California.


1958 - One of the pioneers of the British alternative scene as well as one of The Young Ones, English comedian Rik Mayall is born in Harlow, Essex.


1964 - Stand-up and actress from tv shows The New Adventures of Old Christine, Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as her own The Wanda Sykes Show, and films including Bruce Almighty and Down to Earth, Wanda Sykes is born in Portsmouth, Virginia.


1974 - Best known as Pam Beesley on The Office, Jenna Fischer is born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

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