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We love comedy! That’s why it’s our mandate at the World Wide Comedy Awards to highlight and celebrate comedy in its many forms. To showcase and offer appreciation for the artists who create and perform it.

We will be presenting awards in a wide range of categories, which YOU will help select. Our goal is ultimately to have multiple awards windows each year - big and small, broad and niche, fun and serious - all leading up to our big annual awards. Until then, we will be awarding major categories at the end of each year.

Submissions open soon for the 2022 WWCAs.

Keep checking back for our latest updates and information, or better yet join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to get updates as they happen.

Also be sure to check out our This Day In Comedy History posts and vote in our ongoing polls, both here and on our social media pages.

The WWCAs are open to all, and we welcome your feedback and questions.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to our page!

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