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This Day in Comedy History

June 15 - June 21

June 15

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein.pn
Red Skelton.png
Mike Nichols Time.png
Uptown Saturday Night.png
Taxi last episode.png
Pryor’s Place.png
Bull Durham.png
Golden Girls.png
Stephen Colbert Newsweek.png
Marco Luque.png

June 16

Bill Cobbs.png
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Ma
The Kelly Monteith Show.png
Ghostbusters II.png
HBO Comedy Half Hour.png
Bernard Sahlins.png
Stephen Furst.png

June 17

David Akeman.png
Jimmy Durante.png
Silent Movie.png

June 18

The Maltese Bippy.png
Laverne and Shirley.png
“Weird Al”.png
Richard Stahl.png
Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen.png
Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival.pn

June 19

Ed Wynn.png
Rocky Horror Picture Show.png
Coluche (real name Michel Colucci).png
Withnail and I.png
“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Poodle Hat Tour.pn
Victor Spinetti.png
Hannah Gadsby’s special Nanette.png
DL Hughley.png

June 20

The Stupid Tour.png
Christopher Mintz-Plasse.png
Bill Hicks.png
Despicable Me.png
This Is The End.png
Rory Scovel.png

June 21

Judy Holliday.png
Carroll O’Connor2.png
Irwin Barker.png
Self Help by Miranda Sings.png